New Project — Blog to Biz

Blog to Biz website: done!

I just started a new project… quite on a whim if you will.

But which of my project wasn’t on a whim? Heh!

At least, this one, I’m taking my time thinking through the details… even planning to make a plan! Now that’s somethin’ or what?!

Anyhow, here’re the details:

I’m starting a new blog called Blog to Biz. If you haven’t guessed already, this blog is going to be all about turning a blog into a business. I plan to document every little detail of the process. It’s meant to be as much an experimental project as an educational one. I plan to share everything because I hope this will be something people can learn from. From my wins as well as losses.

It’s quite the original idea, I know!

I joke.

Anyhow, the website is already done, as you can see. I did the logo too! My logo design skills have definitely come a long way! Now I’m planning which blog posts to start with. Gotta do a lot of writing in the next few days here.

On top of all that, I’m weighing in on my Medium articles a lot… or at least planning to.

It looks like my writing skills are about to get a boost from all that writing I’m about to do. Not bad, not bad at all!

If you’re curious about how this new project pans out, you should definitely start following my blog! Sign up for the blog’s newsletter here and I will send you the launch date as well as some freebies.

UPDATE: Site is now LIVE. You can still sign up for the newsletter for freebies and site updates.

And by the way, I plan to give out a lot of freebies! It’s supposed to be one of my tactics to get more people reading my blog and sign up for the newsletter… the whole email tribe thing.

So yeah, do check it out here:

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