First Look: An Introductory Review of Cargo Collective

Screenshot from Cargo Homepage

Back when Cargo Collective, a portfolio website builder platform, was still a new kid in the block, with limited features and free to boot, I signed up and tried out a thing or two.

It wasn’t much different from any of the other cookie-cutter website CMS, in fact, it was even more generic! And so, I moved on.

A couple of weeks ago Cargo came into my radar once again, and whoaa… things have really taken a turn for the awesome around here. It’s no longer a free platform, however, signing up and building site(s) is still free. Payment is due only when the user is ready to make their site public.

Aside from that, the platform is something totally different now. The back-end interface, as far as the look and feel are concerned, are much the same, but the features and functionalities have changed completely.

So, here are some pros and cons after a couple of days of experimenting with it: Continue reading “First Look: An Introductory Review of Cargo Collective”