New Project — Blog to Biz

Blog to Biz website: done!

I just started a new project… quite on a whim if you will.

But which of my project wasn’t on a whim? Heh!

At least, this one, I’m taking my time thinking through the details… even planning to make a plan! Now that’s somethin’ or what?!

Anyhow, here’re the details:

I’m starting a new blog called Blog to Biz. If you haven’t guessed already, this blog is going to be all about turning a blog into a business. I plan to document every little detail of the process. It’s meant to be as much an experimental project as an educational one. I plan to share everything because I hope this will be something people can learn from. From my wins as well as losses.

It’s quite the original idea, I know!

I joke.

Anyhow, the website is already done, as you can see. I did the logo too! My logo design skills have definitely come a long way! Now I’m planning which blog posts to start with. Gotta do a lot of writing in the next few days here.

On top of all that, I’m weighing in on my Medium articles a lot… or at least planning to.

It looks like my writing skills are about to get a boost from all that writing I’m about to do. Not bad, not bad at all!

If you’re curious about how this new project pans out, you should definitely start following my blog! Sign up for the blog’s newsletter here and I will send you the launch date as well as some freebies.

UPDATE: Site is now LIVE. You can still sign up for the newsletter for freebies and site updates.

And by the way, I plan to give out a lot of freebies! It’s supposed to be one of my tactics to get more people reading my blog and sign up for the newsletter… the whole email tribe thing.

So yeah, do check it out here:

Rage, Madness, Sex, Drugs, Senses and the Pit — A Review of Ryu Murakami’s Debut Novel, Almost Transparent Blue

A review of Almost Transparent Blue by Ryu MurakamiHave you ever read anything that’s so very hopeless that you wonder why you’re even alive? Or well, I mean, why the characters are even alive?

Every time I read something by Ryu Murakami, that’s the thought that paralyzes me. Why are they alive? I ask myself. The experience of reading becomes a quest to find that answer.

Often though, with Ryu Murakami, I reach no destination nor conclusion. It’s a never-ending pit of hopelessness, pain — either inflicted by others or by the self, madness, rage and/or hysteria with Murakami’s stories and characters.

His debut novel, Almost Transparent Blue, is no different. However, the thing that sets this book apart, is an almost childlike innocence. Continue reading “Rage, Madness, Sex, Drugs, Senses and the Pit — A Review of Ryu Murakami’s Debut Novel, Almost Transparent Blue”

Getting Published for the First Time

My features on UPPERCASE Magazine on issues 25 and 33.
My spreads on UPPERCASE Magazine

I have a hard time associating “photographer” to my name. Mostly because given the very little amount of time I spend polishing (if at all) this craft, I feel like an imposter. I don’t much suffer from imposter syndrome, but when it comes to photography, I cave in every now and then. Continue reading “Getting Published for the First Time”

The Piano Teacher: Myth-busting Sadomasochism (Spoiler Alert)

The Piano TeacherMy slight obsession with the concept of sadomasochism is nothing new. I like to dig out movies and books that deal with this concept, only to be disheartened over and over again. It’s the same story all the time:  Men abusing women. As if the concept of sadomasochism can only be viewed through the filtered lens of pure violence and dehumanization.

It’s the same in real life as well. Someone not long ago commented about how some women fantasize about being raped as though it’s a thing.

Had I been ambitious enough, I probably would have watched or read all the movies or books out there that deal with sadomasochism and seek out the true gems from the gutters. But well, priorities!

Also, the few I tried either bored me or mesmerized me in a totally different way.

For example, I could watch Salò or 120 Days of Sodom for only the first 10 minutes or so. Yeah. I know. I lack the tenacity, what can I say? And then there’s 50 Shades of Gray… somebody kill me already. What preposterousness!

And so, after watching The Piano Teacher — directed by Michael Haneke, I felt I had found a kindred spirit in Haneke. HE GETS IT! — I thought. Continue reading “The Piano Teacher: Myth-busting Sadomasochism (Spoiler Alert)”

First Look: An Introductory Review of Cargo Collective

Screenshot from Cargo Homepage

Back when Cargo Collective, a portfolio website builder platform, was still a new kid in the block, with limited features and free to boot, I signed up and tried out a thing or two.

It wasn’t much different from any of the other cookie-cutter website CMS, in fact, it was even more generic! And so, I moved on.

A couple of weeks ago Cargo came into my radar once again, and whoaa… things have really taken a turn for the awesome around here. It’s no longer a free platform, however, signing up and building site(s) is still free. Payment is due only when the user is ready to make their site public.

Aside from that, the platform is something totally different now. The back-end interface, as far as the look and feel are concerned, are much the same, but the features and functionalities have changed completely.

So, here are some pros and cons after a couple of days of experimenting with it: Continue reading “First Look: An Introductory Review of Cargo Collective”

6 Free Photoshop Patterns and a Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Own :)

Some folks relieve stress by punching sandbags, some run, some paint, I… do many things depending on my mood. Just like everybody else out there :-p (Naah, I ain’t that special.)

Anyway, today I was stressed because I was procrastinating, and procrastination makes me wonder how I will ever finish what I need to finish, and even as I was thinking such things, I persisted on my procrastinating behavior. So I got stressed. And then I decided to make some Photoshop patterns (which didn’t particularly help with my procrastination… aided it in fact).

And as I did, I remembered I had made a few more some time ago, and then I thought, hey, maybe I could give it away for free! Continue reading “6 Free Photoshop Patterns and a Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Own :)”